CyanogenMod 13 official for OnePlus 2

Great news for all OnePlus 2 fans to finally to see an official version of CyanogenMod 13 up and running for the OnePlus 2 over at CyanogenMod! I moved off of Oxygen OS a while ago due to frustration with how quickly Oxygen OS was being developed and onto Seraph08’s unofficial build, which worked fine.

CyanogenMod 13 for OnePlus 2

I have to say the build seems to be solid so far, my OnePlus 2 finally feels like the phone I wanted. If you are trying to upgrade from Seraph08’s build to the official nightly you’ll need to do the following otherwise you’ll receive an “error executing update binary” issue which will stop you from completing an upgrade, also be sure to back everything up before you update (I’ll never learn!).

1. Wipe everything except internal memory
2. Flash this file
3. This will flash new fw, modem and a new recovery
4. Reboot to recovery (it gives a warning saying no OS but ignore and boot to recovery)
5. Flash new cm and latest gapps

These steps are taken from this  thread over at XDA